Impssbl closes a $1.13M pre-seed round to fund the next-generation of storytelling 📜

Alessandro Botteon
2 min readJul 20, 2022

Impssbl (, a Los Angeles-based company specialized in creating the next generation of stories through Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, just finalized its first pre-seed round, raising $1.13m USD.

Among the investors, a range of private super-angels, founders of web3 private and public companies, as well as international funds such as Exor.

The round is set to fund the next phase in the company’s strategy, that successfully launched two AI & story-focused NFT projects as its MVPs, Proof of Story in December 2021 and Musess in May 2022.

Starting from September, the company’s focus will be directed on story tools — i.e. platforms that actively use AI & Blockchain to disrupt and innovate the way in which stories are created, monetized and distributed, while at the same time developing the Originals — next-gen stories that showcase the story tools’ superpowers.

A preview? The UNTLD platform, set to launch in Q3: a tool to generate high-quality elevator pitches for novels, films, series and videogames using Artificial Intelligence, while protecting them using blockchain technology (that offers a proof of time of creation to the plots).

Many more story tools are coming, targeting global creatives, writers and storytellers that want to push their creativity to the limits.

This is just the start.



Alessandro Botteon

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